About us

     My name is Wojciech Lutomski and I manage the company together with my Wife - Sabina Lutomski. We began our great adventure with tuning in the 90's. I`m the manager of a constantly developing company Lutomski TUNING which represents on the Polish market such companies as REMUS®, Brisk®, Simon RACING®. We are also one of the first importers of products of Sebring®, Supersprint®, or K&N®; We gained the necessary experience and knowledge in sales of GOOD products on our market, where it is extremely difficult to meet the expectations of clients who expect quality and reliability, but at a price suited to our national average earnings.
     In order to have contact with customers and know what they expect - from the very beginning we were present at various nationwide exhibitions, where we were recognized and were welcomed with great interest and listened carefully to "how in their opinion it should be done so as to be good."      In 1999, another step forward in the form of our cooperation with an Austrian company who was a serious player on that market at the time - Fosab company, which resulted in the opening of the company FOSAB POLAND Sp. z o.o. I decided to run Fosab Poland with the aim of increasing stocks, improving product availability on our market, both in the physical and price terms.
     Unfortunately, the company has not achieved the intended purpose as the products from the European Union (prior to its last expansion) were simply too expensive. The customers often asked for an attractive alternative for them - nobody wants to spend the entire monthly income on the final exhaust pipe only because it has a REMUS stamp on it ...
     In order to meet their expectations - we decided to start the production here. This is how the company EL-TEC, the name which stands for "Lutomski TECHNOLOGY" - included all of our previous experience, know-how and knowledge of the operation, construction and sale of products of reputed, recognized manufacturers such as REMUS®, SEBRING®, Supersprint®.
     Our knowledge is constantly enriched by knowledge of the market, customer expectations and which is very important - treating it as a hobby which allows us to create products of high quality at very reasonable prices